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Installation starts long before our team moves a piece of furniture.  Our experienced project manager will do a walk through before the project starts to assure the plan is well laid out and that no detail is missed.

Once our plan is in place, our project manager will coordinate the installation, assuring that the project schedule is kept on time.  Elevator & corridor access, loading zones, staging areas, and onsite storage are all things that are taken in to account before the project starts.

Our installation team, consisting of the lead installer and several professional furniture movers will carry out the plan set by the project manager to your expectations by providing protection for flooring, walls & elevators.  Our work is not done until all the furniture is in place and ready for the OS&E items to be installed set out by the customer’s scope of work.

We can accommodate requests in the form of change orders if the need arises for us to do additional work that wasn’t in the original scope of the project.  All Change orders must be approved by the customer before we can do the work.

No project is too large or too small, if your needs involve swapping out products such as mattresses or televisions on a floor by floor basis, we can handle with ease.

White Glove Service, finishing touches make the project, once our team has installed all the items per the project scope, be assured that the room will be vacuumed and cleaned, making the room ready for the Operating Supplies and Equipment to be put in place by the customers housekeeping staff.  We can also place these items if it is in our scope of work.